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About us
Professional video editing, sound mixing, color correction, and modern view
Hi. My name is Eugene. I have been working in Adobe's line of programs as a video editor for six years. I have noticed that many youtube creators need quality and fast editing. That's why I've assembled a team full of imaginative and hardworking editors to handle your creative challenges. Our team helping with the footage editing worldwide.
You send the footage, and we'll start editing it right away.
We are more than 6 years of experience in this field.
Our prices are the best in this area. Starting at $20.
We try to be completely open and available.
Our works
Our Prices
The price depends on the minutes of completed video editing and the additional needs
Video editing
From $25
1 minute of finished video
— We proceed with editing on the same day
— Uncut footage up to 15 minutes
— Work with sound
— Video stabilization
— 3 free revisions
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Up to $20
1 minute of finished video
— When ordering 3 videos or more
— When ordering video over 10 minutes
— For regular customers
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Please leave your contacts, so we can start working on your project.

Extra needs
You can order optional services according to your goals

Uncut footage About 30 mins

+ $40
Length of uncut footage.
+ $50
We use PluralEyes or Multicam in Premiere Pro to work with two or more cameras.
+ $25
(for the whole video)
We'll put subtitles at your instructions or our discretion.
Uncut footage About 60 mins
+ $70
Length of uncut footage.
color correction
+ $40
We add color correction, align tone, and remove defects.

Advanced graphics
from $30
(discussed individually)
Use of 2D animation, infographics, and other essential graphics.
How It Works
You can contact us in any suitable way: WhatsApp, email, application form on the site.
We discuss all possible issues and nuances concerning the work. We need to know: your style example, deadlines, color correction style, additional materials, etc.
Mounting stage
Until the video is processed, we are available to contribute any ideas or adjustments. During the editing process, we comply with all your requirements.
We send you a finished video to check it out. If necessary, we make the essential adjustments immediately.
Upon video completion, you make the payment, and we send the Adobe Premiere Pro project files, including all additional materials.
Still Have Some Questions?
How fast will I get the video?
We'll get all the necessary details before we start working on your video, so we can start downloading material and video editing on the same day. You won’t wait weeks for your video, it’s impossible. :)
Why such low prices?
  1. We are confident that: best pricing + upper-class video + prompt execution of our work are the things making our editing team the best.
  2. We don't have access to licensed music or video footage. Likewise, we use material from public sources or what you provide us
  3. We have no pre-payment WE ARE AWARE that you will enjoy our work and want more :)
How can you contact us?
It's easy! Just leave your mail and question in the contact form, and we'll get back to you soon. Alternatively, email us at We're waiting for you :)
How does it work?
You upload your material to google.disk,, etc. and then answer our questions and write your wishes for future footage. Great, we've started editing your video.
What types of videos do you edit?
We edit anything that earns likes and subscribers on your YouTube channel. It's essential to us to ensure that your video appeals not only to you,but to your viewers too. We use marketing and video editing tricks to increase our reach, views, and reposts. Or we can just edit it to fit your example and style :)
What programs do you work in?
We use Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, and PluralEyes
What hours do you work?
We are available every day, no weekends, except on great holidays. E-mail us and we'll respond within 10-60 minutes. Just text us :)
Where are you from?
We are from the Eastern Europe: Kyiv, Ukraine. Proficient in Ukrainian, Russian, and English.

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Please leave your contacts, so we can start working on your project.